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Oh like you wouldn't visit a planet so filled with poison that it actually exists in the air itself!
I would, but I'd have at least worn a space suit instead of walking around butt naked. Something about that no visible genitalia thing just makes aliens want to go running around in their birthday suits.

I'd also bring a Transphasic Quantum Magnetometric GPS or two so I don't have to rely on crop circles to guide my spaceships in for a landing, but that's just me.

It's almost as if the aliens were the Griswolds of space and the Earth was the galaxy's largest ball of mud that they wanted to visit on a whim while heading somewhere else.

I'm picturing one of the aliens singing "Love for Sale" after encountering an Orion woman in a convertible.

And no one's telling me that the aliens didn't know that water was like acid to them. Water is the easiest substance in the universe to make; you burn Hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and the aliens were obviously tolerant to an Oxygen environment. So in all of their scientific history that's led up to them building intersystem space ships no one tried to light a room full of Hydrogen and Oxygen gas on fire only to discover it produced acid vapor?
Wasn't it more like there was something in the water? IIRC the little girl wouldn't drink the water because she thought there was something wrong with it which is why she left all those glasses of water around the house.
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