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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

PROJECTIONS - 2x03 - 2/5

The setup for this episode is nice. An abandoned ship, the doctor at the centre of a mystery. Unfortunately, once Barclay shows up (who by the way, whilst nice to have around, doesn't really add anything because after all, it isn't Barclay), things just sort of play out in a predictable and not to mention, dull fashion.

Neelix does get an amusing moment where he's found in the mess hall, throwing food at a Kazon, thus proving that this species is so stupid that an armed soldier is held at bay
by fruit and vegetables.

I guess the problem with this episode is that once it's discovered this is a holo-drama situation, it loses all dramatic impact for me. I still can't get past seeing the holodecks as a big video game that you can physically interact with. Because of this any drama and tension feels contrived and generally falls flat.

The age old "why don't they just turn it off?" always has some technobabble explanation, although most of those explanations boil down to "there is no OFF button", to which I respond with "why???".

Picardo does a great job acting the hell out of this episode, but unfortunately, he's the only reason I got through this to the end. Even then, my attention wandered a lot and I was worried I wouldn't have much to write for this review, but here we are.
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