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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP


I've been looking at your work here again and I notice that you put a grill on the outboard part of the warp coils. I love it! It makes it tie into the rest of the franchise nicely. The TMP ship had grills on both sides of the nacelles, adding them here makes it seem like, even though the ship is very different after it's refit, the technologies aren't totally unrelated. It even fits in line with Drexler's conjectural 5th season Enterprise refit, which would have plated over the outboard openings in Archer's ship's nacelles.

I wonder about the hatches. The ventral ones on the hull line up very nicely with what you've put inside. I wonder how the nacelle markings add up with the guts. The long rectangle just behind the attaching pylons and the gray shape on the lower front ends of the nacelles ought to line up with something. I wonder how these fit in with your scheme. Also I'm curious what you have planned for the small square and the red rectangle beneath the fantail.

I've seen it suggested that the hatches all over the ship could be color coded. Since you've got an antimatter tank beneath the yellow circle, might there be a tank of some sort beneath the yellow rectangle aft of the bridge? Perhaps for the torpedo warheads? I dunno, on second thought, might not want that right behind the bridge. Well, so much for color coding.

Also I wonder how the guts of the ST5 and ST6 ship fit with the ventral markings there. Could the workings in 1701-A have reverted back to the TOS arrangement? Oh well ... That's a whole 'nother project.

All in all, this project it top notch. Right up there with Shaw's work. I must admit, all day today at work I was thinking about your engineering set-up. Few of these TrekBBS projects follow me though the day like that. Thank you for the great work. And keep it up!

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