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Re: Why no species fanbois in Star Trek?

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It took place in novels, but there were two sisters who served on the StarGazer who were into Klingon culture.
Those would be Michael Jan Friedman's novels. I think they were raised by Klingons? It's been a long time, so I can't quite remember...
Indeed, after their parents were killed, they were rescued by Klingons who ended up raising them. Basically, they the exact opposite of Worf.

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What about the crew member in Space Seed who was obsessed with superhumans. You could apply to that any other races that have superior abilities.
Assuming you're referring to Lt. McGivers, she wasn't obsessed specifically with superhumans, her obsession was with history. Her attraction to Khan was because he was from the past, not because he was genetically engineered.
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