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Thereís a scene in The Challenge, with Scott Glenn and Toshiro Mifune, in which Glennís character is having dinner with Japanese who are eating live worms. They goad him into trying it, and after swallowing it he said, ďI can feel it moving around!Ē obviously very disturbed, and he grabbed a vessel of sake and started guzzling. The Japanese all laughed at him.

Anybody know anything about live worms in Japanese cuisine?

(Actually, Iím not sure it was worms. It might have been eels or snakes or something. Definitely something long and wiggly.)
They were Sake worms. They drown them in the rice wine. They're kind of like Tequila worms. Basically, if you get the worm you have to drink it, that's the rules. The Sake worms take a while to drown in the alcohol, and that's why they were still moving.
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