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Re: Lindsay Lohan: Genre babe of the week #34 (Sept. 2010)

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I Still Love Ya Babe!!!

She has something unique, carrying the "girl next door" look alongside "sexy siren". Whatever her troubles, she is a beautiful woman.
"Girl next door look" if you happen to live in a trailer park with a readily available supply of meth.

THIS Lindsay? Yes, A+, thumbs up, all the way.

THIS Lindsay? No thanks. Skinny, strung out, washed out, bleached out, scrawny, and looks like she should be doing PSA Posters for meth. Hell, with all of the drugs and chemicals in her blood it probably is meth.

If I could vote thumbs down twice I would. She was hot, talented, and worthy of a second look at the beginning of her career. But the disaster that's been her life over the last few years out does all of it.
Out of hope.
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