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Re: ST comic caption contest #6: "Well, actually..."

First, the TMP crew talk with their hands

Kirk:So I got my nails done at W.S. Nails, what about you Bones?
McCoy:I did them myself, but I just can't get the gloss right.
Sulu: Come on guys, your sucking the testosterone out of the bridge. Besides, Dr McCoy your getting the mixture wrong.

Number One has something to say to Captian Pike

Number One:Captain, Captain, Captain, I need to ask you something. Captain Captainnnn.
Number One:Can I have cookie?
Pike:That's it your now called Number Two.

Picard is offered some Earl Grey

Crewmember: Here's your tea, Captain.
Picard: Does it have the special sauce?
Riker: thinking (He enjoys the special sauce. I know I do.)

The TOS crew take a look at a new arrival
McCoy: Jim, doesn't he know marijuana is still illegal?
Spock: It must be for his cataracts.
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