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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

I don't think I'll be watching anymore, despite how much I enjoy watching Maggie Q. A show whose protagonist is an assassin just offends my sensibilities too much. At least the pilot implied (or rather I inferred from it) that she'd somewhat renounced her old ways and was only using lethal force in self-defense, but here she was specifically targeting someone for assassination, and I can't accept that in a protagonist no matter how eeevilll the guy was.

Besides, we didn't get to see Maggie in red even once. The pilot really played up her glamour and sex appeal, which was nice compensation for the violent stuff I didn't like, but here they seem to have gone in the opposite direction. I mean, she still looks great in blue jeans, but it's not the same.

Also, yeah, the plots are pretty contrived, like the coincidence of Alex just happening to be the one picked to be the guy's "escort." Though on the other hand, she is just about the hottest one there, so maybe it's not so coincidental.

The main problem I'm seeing structurally is that Nikita is so much on her own. There are too many scenes where she's by herself and has nobody to play off of. That's awkward.

And could Division have been more of a cartoon-evil organization than it was here? Getting buddy-buddy with a war criminal, trying to obtain the wherewithal to build their own nuclear bomb, and casually forcing their recruits into prostitution while they're at it? I'm surprised we didn't see Percy taking time out to steal candy from a baby. I mean, what's the motivation to it all besides being evil for its own sake? It makes me think this show isn't going to have a lot of depth or complexity.

One thing in particular I found implausible was a fairly common trope of poorly done sniper scenes -- the sniper having a perfect shot and not taking it, delaying inexplicably. I mean, heck, she had a perfect shot lined up and then the guy closed a flimsy set of blinds behind which his silhouette was still clearly visible, and she didn't take the shot? She wasted time putting on an infrared scope that she shouldn't have needed at all? She had plenty of time to fire as he was closing the blinds, and I can't believe an assassin as skilled and experienced as she's supposed to be would be thrown off by something that minor. Totally unbelievable and contrived.

Heck, I'm even complaining about the execution of the parts of the show I don't want to see (such as, err, executions). Just as well I'm not going to watch anymore. Too bad -- I do like watching Maggie Q.
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