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Re: Why no species fanbois in Star Trek?

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Not sure if this really counts, but in the Voyager episode Real Life when the Doctor created a family for himself on the holodeck and Lt. Torres later reworked it, the Doctor's son was a pretended to be a Klingon. Yes, it was a holographic scenarion, but I'm sure there was a real precedent on which it was based.

For that matter there was also the "Sons of Mogh," a cult which lived in the settlement in DS9's Children of Time that devoted themselves to Klingon philosophy and lifestyle.

So, yes, we have seen a few Klingon fanboys within Star Trek anyway.
Yeah you beat me to those..... and considering the hard time Spock had being half human amongst other Vulcans, I doubt regular humans would be accepted all the much.

But at the same time, Kes, Torres and Kim all sought out help from Tuvok and practiced a number of Vulcan rituals and meditation.

And if this counts or not, there were the abandoned Cardassian children/half cardassians left on Bajor whom the Bajorans adopted and introduced into their own culture.

There was also the human defector in TNG who took off to Romulus and later followed Spock and his movement on Romulus.

Then there was Worf's foster brother who saved that village of people and not only decided to stay behind with them when they were re-located, but also had a relationship with Cassidy Yates and was having a baby with her.

There's a number of examples of humans or sorta humans who adopted other alien cultures.... but you don't see as many of them compared to the other way around, because in ST, it focuses primarily towards our own culture in the future.
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