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Re: Which actor looks the most like Superman to you?

I suppose this poll confirmed, if confirmation were needed, that Reeve is the Sean Connery of the Superman series. He's the one that most viewers, regardless of age, seem to view as the definitive onscreen version. Ian Fleming once said that Connery wasn't how he envisaged Bond, but that if he were re-writing the character afresh, he'd probably make him more like Connery. Much like how artists re-drew Supes to resemble Christopher (Reeve, not Bennett!).

Having said that, much as I like Brandon Routh, who was an obvious attempt to replicate the Reeve Man of Steel, perhaps it's now time for the movie makers to find the Daniel Craig of the series. Craig has been the most acclaimed 007 since Connery, despite not fitting the conventional look of Bond. I'm not saying that the next Superman should be blond, blue-eyed and craggy but just as Craig is as legitimate a take on 007 as Brosnan, Dalton etc, maybe the makers of the next Superman movie ought to cast someone who's far from a clone of Reeve.

(ps - to stretch this comparison beyond ridiculousness, Dean Cain is the Roger Moore of Superman - light-hearted, not too serious, few people's favourite but with his share of admirers. Routh is the Lazenby of the series. One appearance to his name, the first to essay the role on the big screen after the definitive article, appeared in a movie that divides the fans and which emphasises the emotional side over action. There is no Dalton or Brosnan!).
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