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Ever since I hit 30 (just over a year ago), I've been feeling like time is catching up with me. Most of the people I went to school with have families of their own, while I'm not even seeing anyone at the moment. A lot of them have careers, while I'm still looking for something that engages me enough to stick with for more than 6 months.
None of this is necessarily bad. The fact that you're searching for a job that interests you is a good thing instead of just starting one and sticking with it forever even if you hate it. A lot of people do that. Ditto with getting married.
Aye, I know. I'm generally ok with it, on a day-to-day basis, I'm relatively happy with things. I have fantastic friends (two of whom, I live with), an amazing family (parents and sister), and I love how much freedom I have in my life. I just have occasional days where I wonder where the time went, as it does sometimes feel like the last 10 years just vanished into the ether, with not a great deal of accomplishments to show for it.

Not to worry, though. Every day is another opportunity.
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