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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

I didn't see a thread for the second episode, so I decided to post my review here. I didn't see the end but from what I saw of the show I thought it was all right. The action was fluid without being graphic/gory, the story and villains were interesting enough.

Once again, Maggie Q was hot, but I think she plays Nikita a bit too cool. I still don't quite 'get' her, perhaps I'm not supposed to. I didn't get why she rescued Alex only to put her in harm's way by having her infiltrate Division. Also, don't get why Alex would do that. I can see why Nikita wants them destroyed, but not Alex, it's not personal for her...from what I saw of the show. (I mean, its personal now, but before she was recruited, what's the reason to do this.) Also, the selection doesn't make Nikita sympathetic, it makes her appear a bit cold and manipulative, from what I saw. A show like this would work better if Nikita was sympathetic and empathetic. Sure she did wrong in the past and once she left Division she's going to do right. Perhaps its not realistic, but I don't see her recruitment of Alex as a 'right' decision. Does it make her better than Division? Not necessarily in my book now. Gray areas are fine, but this show didn't strike me as wanting to go that deep. Right now, I'm rooting for Nikita because I like Maggie Q, not because I like Nikita. I don't dislike her, I just haven't connected with her.

I also still am having trouble with how the show is structured. Nikita should be more front and center. Using Alex as a point-of-view character pretty much makes this Alex's story with Nikita as her kickass backup/savior. The comparisons to Spike's short-lived Blade the TV series are growing. Though I think Maggie's Nikita was far more kickass than Kirk Jones's Blade, at the start of his series. I also think that Nikita so far handles the mentor angle between Nikita and Alex better than Blade and Krista was depicted.
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