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Agent Richard07
Re: Lindsay Lohan: Genre babe of the week #34 (Sept. 2010)

Thumbs up. She can really wreck herself with her hard living and other problems, but not enough to turn me off. She's got a natural beauty that still comes out even when she's not at her best.

Here's some of the real Lindsay...

Yes, everything's real.

More pics...

Yeah, she can make that platinum blonde look work somethimes.

And here are some nice pics from the Ocotber 2010 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, which were taken just before she headed off to prison...

There are more pics in the issue along with a good article. Check it out.

One thing about her that caught my attention was hearing that she doesn't like to sleep alone and would often go down to the lobby of the hotel she was staying at to pick up guys and take them back to her room. I admit, being one of those guys is a nice fantasy. And be honest, who wouldn't find the idea of being picked up by Lindsay Lohan at least a little bit appealing?

Another fantasy would be to see her as Batgirl. Tell me she wouldn't look good as Barbara Gordon.

Here she is with her boyfriend Chris Pine...

OK, he's not her boyfriend, but they did star in a movie together. I wouldn't mind seeing them team up again in a Star Trek movie.

That's my take on Lindsay Lohan.


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