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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

Here's another list I'd like to see:
Hartnell, without coat, from end of Unearthly Child

Troughton, older, greyer, from The Two Doctors

Pertwee, random variant outfit with Bessie set

Tom in Talons of Weng-Chiang gear

Peter in suspenders outfit from Planet of Fire (as suggested)

Colin in his Seville outfit from The Two Doctors (as suggested)
Colin in whatever outfit Colin Baker himself would design for his Doctor (limited variant)

Sylvester from TV movie (as suggested)
Syl in whatever outfit Sylvester himself would design for his Doctor (limited variant)

McGann is open territory for a multitude of imaginative variants

Eccleston in Titanic outfit (as suggested)
Eccleston in tattered McGann 'Time War' Regen Outfit

Tennant in 'Arthur Dent'-mode circa The Christmas Invasion

Smith with mop and fez
Smith in tux (as suggested)

Ainley in his black velvet attire

Eric Roberts Master in leather 'Terminator' look from TV Movie/Enemy Within
Roberts in Gallifreyan Robes from TV Movie/Enemy Within

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (from Pertwee era)
Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (black and white variant from Invasion)

Sgt. Benton (from Pertwee era)
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