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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

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Thinking of what still needs to be made as far as variants for the Docs. Let's see...

Third Doctor in Second Doctor's clothing (Not really seen in Spearhead, but could be cool anyway).

A few Third Doctor variants for his various outfits.

The Fourth Doctor's main Graham William's outfit (Kind of light brown, with the hat not worn as often).

Fourth Doctor in Thal clothing (From "Genesis")

Fifth Doctor in the other sweater he wore for his last season.

Fifth Doctor in "Planet of Fire" suspenders (Why didn't they do this for the Ainley set?)

Seventh Doctor in Six's coat from Time and The Rani

and no #1 IMO-TV movie McCoy!
Hmmm, interesting!

Not sure if I agree about a couple of those (when the Season 18 Baker/K9 set comes out, we'll have had four Fourth Doctor figures, and it seems like that should be enough), but I definitely agree about your Davison suggestions, and I demand a TV Movie McCoy figure.

Other thoughts for variant Doctors:
  • "Unaired pilot" Hartnell Doctor, with spectacles/different costume
  • Androgum Troughton - from "The Two Doctors"
  • Sixth Doctor - Seville outfit from "The Two Doctors"
  • Ninth Doctor - formalwear version from "Titanic" photo (OK, I'm being slightly less than serious about this one )
  • Eleventh Doctor: formalwear with top hat, from Amy's wedding (and yes, I *am* serious about this one)
  • Eleventh Doctor: "The Big Bang" version with fez and mop

Couldn't really think of any more Pertwee or Tennant variants, as there are already three or four each of those out there as well, and I think you've got the Davison and McCoy necessaries pretty well sorted.
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