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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

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Am I the last person to find out that the Fender pro guitars are going to be delayed by months? Suddenly Rock Band 3 is much less interesting.
First I've heard of it. Why does this suddenly make the game less interesting?
I'm mostly done with music games. Before I liked being able to play along with specific lines to get a feel of the song, but now that's pretty much lost on me. It basically peaked with The Beatles game, which silently failed because they stopped bothering releasing new albums after the first couple of months.

I don't mind learning keyboard, because that would be kind of neat, but guitar is where it's at for me. I mean, I already have a shitty off brand Fender guitar (the "Typhoon" ), but the ability to just train on songs that I might be interested in with all the assists makes learning guitar much more compelling.

I suppose Pro Guitar is in that awkward position of being both a key feature of the game and a feature that only a minority of people will use (especially since not only do you need to buy a 150-300 dollar guitar, but you have to pay extra for Pro DLC), but it's very disappointing that you can't play Pro mode when the game launches.
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