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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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Strategy on the Hobus mission? Well, only really that you should look at the minimap to keep track of where the Remans are. Approach them from an angle where you wont likely daw attention frome other squads than the one you are attacking at the moment. Order your officers to focus fire on your target to get them down quickly one by one. Use engineering skills that keep you alive as long as possible like Shield generator, health generator and phaser turrets to add another bit of DPS as well as put an additional target there for the Remans to occupy them. Also I never go on away missions anymore without a well trained medic.
That brings up another question. My engineering officers have shield generator skills, but no phaser turret skills. HOw do I rectify this?
'm going into the game now, if you liek we can team up for a bit.

Edit: I go in as soon as my client is patched up.
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