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Re: it's official: zombies are now the "in" thing

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I'm really wanting Werewolves to take off. They have flirted on the edge with Underworld, but that also is vampires, True Blood(again only in cameo capacity) and again Twilight(there they at least are co-starts I suppose). However, they did get a starring role in Benicio DelToro Wolfman remake. Sadly that didn't catch on fire at the box office. I'd love to see a show/movie series where Werewolves are the upfront focus.
The problem might be that werewolves are too alive for Big Media's puritanical tastes. Vampires can be sleek, cold, detached mopers and brooders who dress well and agonize about their soulless plight. Werewolves, on the other hand, are living, hot-blooded, beasts who like red meat, roaring fires, and a good time.

In short, any really solid depiction of werewolves would show them having copious wild and hot shagging. But since Big Media loathes nothing so much as a group of people that enjoys getting it on... they get neglected.
The vampires of the past 10yrs have had plenty of copious wild & hot shagging. We went from PG stylized versions of Buffy & Angel getting it on in S3 to flat out soft core porn with True Blood. Werewolves may as well get their turn.
Maybe the philosophical angel for them could be to rid themsevles of the curse or control it, not too undifferent from vamps really.
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