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Re: it's official: zombies are now the "in" thing

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Just remember, the classic werewolf was just a guy who turned into a wolf. NOT a wolf-man. The current generation has trouble with that one, too.
Mostly, yeah, although there was a bit of variety in the Werewolves of folklore. They often retained wolf-like traits while in Human form, and Human traits while in wolf form. Vampires of folklore were very different, too, more corpse-like and far less romanticized.

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
Just a few months ago, RJDiogenes and I were talking about David Wellington's FROSTBITE, which is about a woman who becomes that type of "total" werewolf. (The sequel was just released yesterday; I'm gonna have to snap it up.)
Sweet. I'll get that for this year's Halloween Marathon.

Gaith wrote: View Post
Werewolves, on the other hand, are living, hot-blooded, beasts who like red meat, roaring fires, and a good time.

In short, any really solid depiction of werewolves would show them having copious wild and hot shagging. But since Big Media loathes nothing so much as a group of people that enjoys getting it on... they get neglected.
Not necessarily. Many Werewolves have been depicted sympathetically, from Larry Talbot to Jack Russell to American Werewolf to that guy in the Werewolf series back in the 80s.

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Poor zombies, they've been treated so unfairly. As we all know from I Am Legend (the original novel), zombies are actually vampires.
It was a virus, too. Matheson was ahead of his time.
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