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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Well this is an episode of shocks & surprises with what Malik, Maren & Lakwa are pulling out of the hat. I canít help but think of it as the trading places episode. Beyond the immediate involvement in incidents and individuals, Kes, youíve a real knack for highlighting the geopolitical and geo.policy.tactical framework and then putting the Federation in the spotlight.

With all the aggressive, imperialistic races in Trekverse whoíd have thought of the Feds as the biggest bods in the playground. At the same time they simply arenít in control of the situation at the moment; they are on the outside, looking in, as leading edge technology is bandied about. Then Lakwaís little speech I believe it is imperative we work together to prevent him from doing irreparable damage to the potential unity between our people is so much the sort of line youíd expect from Picard on a damage limitation exercise. We are indeed seeing the mirror held up to the Federation here.

What is their thinking like though, to make the Omega Particle pure anathema? That leaves absolutely no room for consideration, compromise or flexibility. Not the best policy decision; when a tamed particle is an entirely different beast to a wild one. Presumptions have been made and may well be unfounded. Britain put the native Irish Beyond the Pale with no belief at all that they could ever be admitted to mature society & that is the official Federation stance on Omega. It is one shared by Maren and Malik (who are like two matches rubbing off against each other); both assume the Federation will take only one tack on Omega but perhaps not so ó for Beckley it seems that any available weapon is an acceptable weapon and who knows what the take of the rest of the board will be on this issue. The flak sure will be flying once there comes a time to talk about things although the vitriol of the board isnít going to be more than peas from a catapult compared to the bombshells that are being fielded in action right now.

By the way is this a Compare and Contrast study? We have both Adele and Maren faced with Borg-In-Crisis; trying to read them, get a handle on them and respond accordingly. Each has their own strengths to bring to play on this: Adele has her empathy, albeit a tool she isnít easy with yet, and Maren has her experience, albeit coloured by her current shakiness (physical and emotional). It is nice to see the contrast between Marenís own perceptions of herself and the persona she hopes to project. This is a fine game of poker underway, where everyone is trying to read each other and adapt accordingly. We may have the insight into Marenís head right now but doesnít she desperately wish she could see inside Malik & Ichebís heads and arenít they feeling the same about each other and about her. Blindmanís Bluff with an edge indeed.
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