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ENTER |TOS Avatar Contest #4| Charlie X

Big thank you to all that entered & voted in the last contest...

And Congrats to the winners! Admiral Shran, Gary7, ItsGreen & Orac.

It is time for a new contest...

Charlie X
While traveling aboard the Enterprise, a dangerous young man named Charlie Evans terrorizes the crew with his unusual mental powers.

Episode: Charlie X

TOS Theme: Out of Uniform (As Chosen By Gary7)
Images of your favorite TOS crew member(s) when not in uniform (civilian clothes). TOS Episodes or Movies.

Random Theme: Obsolescence (As Chosen By ItsGreen & Orac liked it. )
Things common in everyday life that were around then(44 Years Ago, Time TOS Aired) that are gone or not seen around much today. In honor of Star Trek's 44th Anniversary!

TrekBBS rules apply; The maximum size of your custom image is 140 by 140 pixels or 70.0 KB (whichever is smaller).

This is a by weekly contest so entries will be excepted from now till Sun 26th(10 Days) Poll on Mon 27th and will last 4 days.

I am going to try something new...I first want to thank Admiral Shran for designing the Golden Spock...I have now come up with Trophies for each category & a second place trophy. If there is a tie I will take total votes from all categories to break it and the losing party will receive the second place trophy while all the winners will receive their 1st place trophy.

Episode winner trophy.

TOS Theme winner trophy.

Random Theme trophy.

Second Place trophy.

All of which will be personalized with the winner's names.

[edit] The trophies have been altered to include "TOS Avatar Contest" Hope you like.

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