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Re: it's official: zombies are now the "in" thing

Spaceman Spiff wrote:
Sure, but the guy who turns into a straight wolf is a little less horrifying. The Wolf Man works because we can still recognize something of ourselves in him. With the werewolf of lore, once he's in wolf form, we don't see that anymore.

That can be used effectively, if it's given the right slant, but the reaction isn't as visceral.

With the voodoo-type zombie, society isn't too worried about having their minds taken over right now (for good or ill). Romero zombies represent the breakdown of society, which has been an anxiety that's been particularly present in the zeitgeist for the last decade or so. Romero zombies have been around since the sixties, but it's no coincidence that they've really taken hold since the fears of Y2K, 9/11 and beyond. Nor is it happenstance that the majority of modern takes on the Romero zombie involve viruses.
I know, but I'm just saying that we've gotten to the point where people think it was ALWAYS that way. I've had multiple conversations, both here and elsewhere, with people who don't know the original concept of a zombie was of a corpse raised by voodoo, who obeys the command of his master. And that a werewolf was simply a guy who turns into a wolf.

And when they hear about these versions, they think someone got it wrong!
What do you mean, ironic?
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