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Re: it's official: zombies are now the "in" thing

`````Okay, it's official: MTV has hit the bottom of the barrel and is frantically scraping. Of all the "classic" antagonists in horror/monster/B-moviedom, zombies are just the nastiest. I don't mean 'tude: they don't have enough personality to be personally nasty; they just are nasty to deal with, nasty to look at, nasty to think about. If you've ever smelled real corpse-smell (thanks too much for that memory, US Army), you probably don't want to be entertained by lurching, semi-reanimated, rotting corpses, or by their splatterful destruction. Can you imagine what that would smell like IRL, to splash a month-old unpreserved cadaver?
`````The only reason I can come up with for the survival (and now burgeoning) of the genre is the fact that teenage boys, if they can talk teenage girls into accompanying them to a zombie flick, are guaranteed to actually be touched by said girls, in those moments when the screen action gets so graphichorrificnasty that said girls need to bury their heads for a moment in a strong shoulder...or at least an adjacent one. Yes, I freely admit that this view is both sexist and stereotype-laden, but I stand by it.
`````So to recap: Zombies? Ick.
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