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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Stopped at 50% completion in Lord of the Rings: The Third Age....

It's one thing to be challenging, but it seems like things get repetitive...and no time is given for the player to 'relax'...(A big nitpick is: After you get done battling a powerful foe, you have to fight another powerful with depleted sources).

Too, I'm finding out that as I'm getting get bored, I am noticing things about stock footage from the films being used, the graphics, the story; obviously, the gameplay...

I was comparing this LOTR game to Silent Hill, as--even though they are different types of games--SH has a certain 'dark aura' about it that keeps the player in the dark as to what is going on, literally and figuratively; too, SH is challenging without being ridiculous. Of course, the graphics and sounds are menacing and help the creepy atmosphere.

Moving on to another game...which is another RPG with a purpose: Final Fantasy VII
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