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Re: VOY Opening Sequence...

I like the VOY visuals second best (close on the heels on ENT) and the best for that style of intro. TOS was pretty low-budget, and most of TNG after the ship shows up is just the ship flying past stars. VOY is breath-taking.

My favorite shots are the nebula, the ice planet, and the "alien dawn" at the end.

I'm in the process of making up lyrics to the intro. Right now they're not very worked out.

I started out with the bit at the end (1;17), which is, "Keep on watching our show."

Still working on most of it, though you can sing the following along with the main theme (17 sec in):

"This is Voyager, just a ship called Voyager.

It's Voyager. Our Voyager. Voyager, oh yeah.

Janeway is the captain..."

that's as far as I've gotten.

I have fun singing along, "keep on watching our show" at the very end, though.
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