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Re: Who would you cast for an imaginary TNG Reboot

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Lieutenant Worf: J. D. Williams
What's up with short guys being suggested for Worf? If you cast him as Worf, most of the cast would have to be under 165 cm to make him look bigger.
How about Brian White, then? Based on his appearances on The Shield, I think he'd be tall enough.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I'd think Ejiofor would be a better choice for Picard than La Forge. Or maybe he'd make an interesting Data.
I think Ejiofor would be great as Picard, but I was aiming to keep Picard older than the rest of the cast. Ejiofor is of comparable age to most of the other people I chose. I do think Ejiofor could be a good La Forge; I'd particularly like to see Ejiofor as La Forge in an "The Arsenal of Freedom"-esque situation, slowly coming to trust himself and his ability to lead.

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I can also see James Woods doing a great version of Captain Jellico.
Peter Stormare in my version.
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