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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Jax wrote: View Post
Man Utd poor start to the season by there standards.
I disagree. United nearly always start slowly. What is unusual is how they're victims of last minute comebacks this season, rather than the instigators.

Last night's match was dire, but frankly if the opposition show up and stick 9 behind the ball, and crowd any player in the box with at least 7 of their own, what do you expect to happen? Gibson was the only real threat from distance. Rangers, as usual, were a disgrace to the game. Their performance yesterday was so akin to the way they bored their way to the UEFA cup final I could feel my anger from that year welling up inside me. Then Valencia got injured and the anger turned to sorrow, because he's out for the season and is one of my favourite Prem players. Desparately sorry for him.

Starkers wrote: View Post
Well after a bright start to the season disillusionment is starting to set in.
Me too, one loss and it's all downhill from here! Not surprised we lost last night, we put out a poor team. Any side with McPhail and Rae in the midfield is going to get trouble, and trouble they got. Looking at the stats I'm amazed it was only 2-1! Let's hope the big guns (or indeed any guns, because Keogh can't play up top on his own) are back for the Ipswich game, because that's a team who will be smarting from being QPR's latest victims.

Please, please please someone beat QPR, and soon!
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