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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

If Speros were to even THREATEN physical violence against Berat, the match would be lost. If Berat has technological tricks on his side, he is a wily and dangerous opponent, as he proved with Dasreen. (I don't see that as dishonorable in the slightest, regardless of what the Klingons might say--he used technology to do what his body could not do reliably.) But his disability means that he cannot last in a mano-a-mano fight. He does swim, which keeps his muscles toned and his heart and lungs in good shape, so he's physically fit, but if you put him in a high-impact, quick-reflexes situation like that, the neurological damage will hinder him seriously. While the most noticeable symptom in his day-to-day life is the loss of function in his hands (and even that can mean trouble in a fight--yeah, he could still make a fist and throw a mean punch, but will be in trouble if he tries to throw his opponent, another object, and maybe even to climb on something), his reaction times are hindered. But it's the neuralgic pain I'd be the most worried about--he's likely to have a bad flareup and that would cripple him in a very literal sense. (This is NOT garden-variety pain. I don't know if you've ever experienced true nerve pain, but it is excruciating in ways that are very hard to describe.)

And let's not even talk about what would happen if phasers got involved in this hypothetical fight.

Speros might not know all aspects of Berat's condition, but he knows very well that Berat is not an "able-bodied" man. And despises him for it. But if he ever dares threaten or actually try to carry out a violent act, he's going to be in DEEP SHIT.

As for Speros and Spirodopoulos--well, that's a tense one. We'll see what happens.
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