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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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I've been swamped by RL - this chapter is a wonderful little vacay!

I am interested in seeing Spirodopolous' reaction to the available proof. Initially - the Starfleet members could have played things both ways - but with proof - if it is incontrovertible - they will really be in it for the pound of flesh (pardon my mixing of metaphors . . .)
Well, they will find that the ships were fired on by the Breen and the Dominion at the same time (at Rondac III). They will then have to decide how much they trust that information.

The conflict between Speros and Berat shows how precarious the 13th Order's position really is. The enemy of my enemy does not always the optimal ally make . . .
Without the relationship Macet has with them both (Macet is Speros' protege, and Berat is Macet's protege), I think that situation could get even more volatile. Berat respects Speros' age and seniority in rank/experience--but NOTHING else. And Speros basically thinks Berat's a mistake and shouldn't be there. It might not play out quite the way it would with humans, but it would be a toxic situation in its own way for sure.
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