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Re: September Challenge: Sigils and Unions--"Immersion"

The most I can tell you on that is that within the timespan of the Dominion War, it will not happen. However, Cardassians do live longer than humans (average lifespan is 175, in my stories, with the typical range being between 150 and 200), and at least in my own writing, the possibility of starting a family lasts quite a bit longer for their women than for human women (likely from somewhere around 18-20, to 70-80). Given that, I can't make any predictions at this time for what might be happening 5, 10, or 20 years after this story. With Berat at 44 and Rebek at 52, their culture still views them as young.

There are a number of my Cardassian officers that I do not foresee relationships for (Speros is obvious, and Daro I do not see marrying either)--and of course over in the SigCat AU, in the aftermath of the events on Bajor, AU Dukat chooses the path of celibacy; he does not remarry or enter into another intimate relationship. AU Marritza is also unlikely to enter any kind romantic or physical relationship, either.
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