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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

Slogging along...

This shows the cutting down of deck 6 underway. The floor has been cut free, then seperated into the actual deck 6 floor and deck 7 ceiling. The outer skin wall has been removed and will be seperated into outer/inner skins. The walls are seperated out as well and the turbolifts are a seperate item still. All have been trimmed further as the process continues and the polycount
thusly continues to fall even with the addition of new items into the mix.

Deck 6 is at this point about 50 percent completed. The image doesn't show a lot, thus the reason I haven't been posting very much of late. The work right now as I've said before is just
sheer tedium. There isn't a real change in any of the geometry other than getting rid of geometry that isn't needed. The structure remains largely unchanged.

More to come.
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