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Re: VOTE! TOS Avatar Contest #3| The Man Trap

Thanks for the win! This was a fun contest--so many folks with entertaining imaginations, plenty of possible contenders. A round of applause for everyone who participated.

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In the future if there are ties I might have the tie breaker be overall votes for that poster. Like ItsGreen had 18 total in all 3 catagories and Orac 7 total in all 3 catagories so then ItsGreen would get to choose the theme. Does this sound like a good idea?
Yep, sounds like a good idea to me. Total vote count is the decider if there's a tie in a particular category. And then if there's still a tie, both get an award.

For the next TOS theme, I propose "Out of Uniform." Images of your favorite TOS crew member(s) when not in uniform (civilian clothes).

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