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Re: Art that doesn't need its own thread

This thread is SUCH a great idea! For a while now I've been just dicking around with Photoshop and ImageReady, not anything anywhere near worthy of it's own threads, just simple stuff, so I've never posted it or anything.

This is a non-canon ship from Bridge Commander, the USS Chabot - Refit, that I animated:

I made a similar one with a screencap from First Contact:

As well as a similar avatar of the Enterprise D:

I've also tried my hand at recreating the transporter effect from TOS:

Not that this one meshes well at all, TOS effects, TNG background, and DS9 uniform.
(Yes, that's me being an uber-nerd. )

Like I said, wicked simple stuff, but I'm proud of it anyways.

I don't exactly have any specific direction I go with these sort of things, I just kind of pick a specific effect or technique I'd like to be able to do with Photoshop, mess around with it until I figure out how to do it, and then pop out a few different pictures that use that effect or technique. That's why I have 3 different warp-jump pictures, and (although I didn't post all of them) 3 different transporter effects.
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