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Re: September Challenge: Sigils and Unions--"Immersion"

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A wonderful, endearing look into Berat's past--and indeed, a hint as to the origins of the great conflict within him for so long--the origins of his tragic, tortured soul, in a softer, sadder sense than the incident with the Maquis kid-shooter.
A lot of difficult things happen to Berat...but I think that although he has been pushed to the breaking point on at least one occasion, I think that by the time of The Thirteenth Order, he finds greater peace in himself. And interestingly enough, I think that the character is at his strongest in that sense after he becomes physically disabled. For that reason, while I see a lot of pain, I don't see a tragedy, at least not in the classical sense of the word.

This simple act of mercy--which goes against everything that had been bred into him by The State--this act of defiance against they oppresive tyrrany of the regime--this makes him far more of a hero, far more of a man (or what the Cardassian word for that is, as he is not a "human"...) than Dukat ever was.
Don't worry...I imagine that in the 24th century, "man" just refers to "member of the male sex." Personally I think it doesn't even necessarily mean "humanoid male," but might even refer in that time to any sentient male. Being a "man" would be to be biologically male and to know oneself. So I don't think it's an inappropriate term to use on Berat at all. He fits both criteria very well.

(And I might add that in "I, Borg," assigning the gender pronoun to Hugh, as well as the singular, was a BIG deal in the script.)

And yes...Dukat really squandered his potential.

Much like Damar, his conscience runs deep and strong. But unlike Damar--who had tried to drum it away through drink--Berat chose to accept it from the beginning, painful though it may be for him.
I think this incident really helped set the trajectory of his life. But it's definitely painful. Having a conscience and having little power is a very difficult thing.

Zejil is also a wonderful character, very well developed. (Do we see her in Thirteenth Order, BTW, as a character...or is she just in the background? My memory's turned to clay on that, it's so darn long between installments....)
She's there. You don't see her as often as Macet and Berat, but she definitely contributes to the story. Heck, she even speaks in the most recent installment.

Her relationship with Berat--his mercy towards her, her discovery of his release of her from fear...and that she grants him the use of her "endearment" name (in private, I assume...)--is very sweet and endearing. private. Given that they are now of the same rank and are friends, in informal situations it wouldn't be untoward for them to use their full first names (Zejil, Tayben) in front of others. But if a person has a nickname that they like (and not all people have or want one...I don't), I think Cardassians likely to be selective to an even greater degree.

(Oh...under this interpretation--I would say that Tekeny Ghemor doesn't like any nicknames he might be given, so "Tekeny" is the most intimate name he can give.)

BTW...I'm not entirely certain of why this crossed my mind, but...I can't help but wonder if Zejil is something akin to a fictional "self"...Nerys?
Nope...I definitely like Rebek and I feel for her, but she's not intended as "me."

BTW--the actress I imagine playing her (though let's just assume for argument's sake that she would be able to play a military role) is Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee.

(I don't know any of the works she's been in...I just Googled for Indian actresses, because when I first drew Rebek, I got a very set idea of what her correct facial features should be, and what her build should be. Mukherjee is 5'3"; in boots I imagine she'd get another inch. And one thing I knew from the start is that Rebek--physically--is a very small woman.)
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