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Re: September Challenge: Sigils and Unions--"Immersion"

I could never come close to approaching the eloquence of Nasat's I will simply write as I will.

A wonderful, endearing look into Berat's past--and indeed, a hint as to the origins of the great conflict within him for so long--the origins of his tragic, tortured soul, in a softer, sadder sense than the incident with the Maquis kid-shooter.

This simple act of mercy--which goes against everything that had been bred into him by The State--this act of defiance against they oppresive tyrrany of the regime--this makes him far more of a hero, far more of a man (or what the Cardassian word for that is, as he is not a "human"...) than Dukat ever was.

Much like Damar, his conscience runs deep and strong. But unlike Damar--who had tried to drum it away through drink--Berat chose to accept it from the beginning, painful though it may be for him.

Zejil is also a wonderful character, very well developed. (Do we see her in Thirteenth Order, BTW, as a character...or is she just in the background? My memory's turned to clay on that, it's so darn long between installments....)

Her relationship with Berat--his mercy towards her, her discovery of his release of her from fear...and that she grants him the use of her "endearment" name (in private, I assume...)--is very sweet and endearing.

(Hmm...out of curiosity, how far does their friendship go?)

I hope we'll see more of her in Thirteenth Order.

BTW...I'm not entirely certain of why this crossed my mind, but...I can't help but wonder if Zejil is something akin to a fictional "self"...Nerys?
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