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Re: September Challenge: Sigils and Unions--"Immersion"

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DN--You sound like you're describing the other half of the Invocation! (Which is the name I gave to it in my own universe, not an official actually appeared in A Stitch in Time first.)

When used in a service, two people recite it.

The power that moves through me, Animates my life, Animates the mask of Oralius, To speak her words with my voice, To think her thoughts with my mind, To feel her love with my heart, It is the song of morning, Opening up to life, Bringing truth of her wisdom, To those who live in the shadow of the night.

To which the second will reply:

It is this selfsame power, Turned against creation, Turned against my friend, That can destroy his body with my hand, Reduce his spirit with my hate, Separate his presence from my home: To live without Oralius, Lighting our way to the source, Connecting us to the mystery, Is to live without the tendrils of love.
I'm kicking myself now, because I totally didn't think of that, but now you remind me of it...yes, I think that it and I are saying much the same thing.

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Mind you--I think that duty and selflessness are key values, and that Western society has dangerously de-emphasized them.
I think I agree (especially as I have such things in my mind a lot at present). Whether I would approach duty and selfishness in quite the same way as you I don't know (and of course I doubt it actually matters if and how we differ), but the basic sentiment is one I definitely see (though maybe not as clearly as you, for several reasons- and I'm not saying that to condemn myself, but just to say that I have a few things I need to work through and work out within myself before I can really attempt to grasp the issue. I suspect you might have a clearer view of it)

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
And I also think that Cardassians have a natural instinct for order and hierarchy (which does NOT have to be used that way--which is one reason I write an AU Cardassia). But very obviously the Cardassian Union has gone too far.
I most definitely agree with all this, and you always make it quite clear that there is nothing inherently bad about the Cardassian way- only that it has become corrupted and dangerously twisted under the modern regimes, and could just as easily be turned to something stable, productive and noble if the right choices had been/are made.

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In the end, I think we have to look at the decisions that Berat makes--and those tell us who he is. I think this moment really taught Berat a lot about who he is, too.

What's really interesting about Rebek, when you think about it, is that she was actually a front-line soldier, at the beginning of her career, like Daro, or Miles O'Brien. (Now, the transfer isn't one I think she actually asked for--I suspect that some of the rigid ideas about gender were what triggered it.) I think that her beliefs would've influenced her conduct as a soldier. Come to think of it, it may even be part of why she was a sniper. Snipers choose their targets carefully; they're not as likely to kill the wrong person. I think it would fit with a religious view that killing should not be indiscriminate.
This is why you write so well- you always show us readers that a lot of thought has gone into the characters, and the thinking and beliefs they show. You write with an appreciation of the intellect and the soul that really comes through.

I don't know what else to say, and I don't mean to sound repetitive...but I really like your writing.
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