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Re: "The City on the Edge of Forever" Line-by-line

LeadHead has been keeping these moving in my absence. Now that I have returned, we can resume the customary rigged process...

The participants from our current thread are as follows:

1. LeadHead
2. Enterprise1981
3. brian
4. JanewayRulz!
5. Vanyel
6. Orac
7. leandar
8. Ziz
9. Captain Robert April
10. Alienesse
11. ClayinCA
12. CoveTom

Those names should be in the order in which each person first posted to the thread. No "weight" is given for who posted more or less often.

(If anyone has been inadvertently left off the list of participants, please let me know and I'll try to make it up on the next go-around.)

I then used a random number generator --, to be specific -- and had it pick a number between 1 and 12. This is completely and totally random. There is no favoritism of any kind shown.

And the winner is...



Congratulations, Vanyel!

So, Vanyel, the next move is yours. Would you like to select the next episode we are going to do line-by-line? You are free to select the next episode or pass and I will re-run the randomization. You can pick any episode from any of the Trek series that you like. For reference, the ones we've done so far, ordered by series, are:

Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS)
The Man Trap (TOS)
The Menagerie (TOS)
Journey to Babel (TOS)
The City on the Edge of Forever (TOS)
Measure of a Man (TNG)
Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG)
Peak Performance (TNG)
The First Duty (TNG)
The Best of Both Worlds (TNG)
Sins of the Father (TNG)
The Visitor (DS9)
Trials and Tribble-ations (DS9)
The Way of the Warrior (DS9)
Bride of Chaotica (VOY)
Dark Frontier (VOY)
Scorpion (VOY)
Counterpoint (VOY)

Once a new episode has been chosen, I will fire up the next line-by-line thread in the appropriate forum and post the link here.
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