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Re: ST comic caption contest #6: "Well, actually..."

KIRK: Hey, guys, do you remember if Commodore Decker fly the Constellation into the maw of the planet-killer, or did I?

SPOCK: (Clearly, SicOne knew...)

McCOY: Well, I thought it was Jim but there was some disagreement during the last caption contest between SicOne and some author that---

SULU: The video doesn't lie. Besides, SicOne is a genius and not to be questioned in such matters. Case closed!

PIKE: Number One, would you like to drive the ship for awhile?

NUMBER ONE: No, Captain. I'm concerned that some emergency that I had nothing to do with would arise and force me to take the helm, SicOne would make some good-natured jokes about female drivers, and someone else who shall remain unnamed would run the complete opposite direction with his comments, throwing the entire caption contest into WTF confusion and harshing everyone's mellow. But thanks, anyway.

CREWMAN: Tea, Earl Grey, hot, Captain?

PICARD: Thank you, Ensign Yellowshirt. Yes, I feel completely comfortable drinking hot tea and not worrying that it will spill all over me, since clearly Counselor Troi is sitting to my left and not at the helm. You KNOW how SicOne feels about such things...

SPOCK: Bones, what's with the smoke?

McCOY: Eh, I think it's some author whom he proved wrong, not acknowledging it and blowing off some steam. Don't sweat it, Spock. Hey, let's join SicOne for some beers!
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