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Re: ST comic caption contest #6: "Well, actually..."


SPOCK: (Jeezus H Christ, here we go again...)

McCOY: Yo!

SULU: Will you two asshats quit flashing gang signs at each other and give me helm olders? The Klingons are closing! Sheesh!

PIKE: Bow-chick-a-bow-wow...hey there, Number One, are you ready for "Round Two"?...

NUMBER ONE: Captain, I'm only gonna say this never happened. And if you tell anyone, I'm going to tell ALL female crewmembers that you were about this big...

CREWMAN: Some tasty hemlock, Captain?

PICARD: Unnamed replacable extra, you're quite the wit? Would you like to join the landing party at our next stop, Hieronomous 5? I hear the brain-sucking plants are an experience not to be missed!

SPOCK: What in the hell...?

McCOY: Who authorized a Duck Dodgers In The 24th-and-a-half Century crossover? Dammit, Spock; I'm a doctor, not a comic editor!
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