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Re: ST comic caption contest #6: "Well, actually..."

Thanks for the win!

McCoy: "No, no, like this. Steeple the fingers, acting as bony and arthritic as possible, and then...'Excellent'. Take care you draw it out".

Sulu: "It's no use, doctor! I can't!"

Spock: "The mission to Montiburns III will proceed much more smoothly, lieutenant, if we use the traditional greeting".

Number One: "...and when a new, potentially hostile lifeform is bearing down on us, that's when I need to be at my best. In this situation, I use Boyce's Brainbooster, the only stimulant product scientifically proven to--"

Pike: "Dammit, you two, can you make the damn commercial some other time?"

Picard: "We appreciate the situation, Admiral, but you've interrupted the Happy Days marathon. May I submit that the crisis on Daled IV can wait?"

Admiral (offpanel, onscreen): "We're beginning to regret the lounge-style decor on the Galaxy-class bridge".

Spock: "Remarkable".

McCoy: "What?"

Spock: "Although I can determine no logical cause for the disquiet, I'm suddenly concerned that I may have left the iron on".
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