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Re: New Trek Series?

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Why would the put a senior and highly experience captain like Pike on the bridge of a stripped down training ship? Especially after they lost several starships to the Narada.

If he wasn't promoted to Admiral after Trek 11, he was put on the bridge of another ship like Enterprise or whatever the alt-verse version of the Miranda class is.

People always say they want their heroes flying around in some stripped-down garbage scow, I think they believe it will create more drama, and they think it's "gritty". Just go watch your Firefly DVDs again, I don't want to watch that every week in my Trek.
I didn't say any of that. I didn't mean "garbage scow", I meant a smaller ship then the TNG Enterprise or NuPrise. With a smaller crew of 300 to 400 instead of 1000 or more. Staffed with a healthy mix of veteran officers and new recruits, not a training vessel...I think Starfleet would run their ships like that anyway, as depicted in all the films, including the new one.

NOT "gritty"... I even mentioned it would be shot with the same production values of the new film, bright and clean... Not gritty, I NEVER said gritty nor would want that. I don't believe that would add any drama at all, you have that completely wrong and nothing in my post resembles those comments in the least.

Pike believes in Starfleet, and would take on a mission of pure exploration further out in the galaxy far from the boundaries of the Federation (strange NEW worlds, and all that) with a lighter duty ship like Voyager or the Reliant or style ship of that nature, but in the Abrams film era. As a highly experienced Captain he'd be like a mentor to the younger crew, and be respected by the veteran staff and earn loyalty from his entire crew.

Please read a little closer before you respond... just sayin'.

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