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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

Your Doctor collection and mine are quite similar.

First Doctor (colour) with Dalek
UC First Doctor (sold)
UC First Doctor with Tardis
First Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

Second Doctor (colour) with Tomb Cyberman
Second Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

Third Doctor with Sea Devil
Third Doctor with Dalek
Third Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

Fourth Doctor x3
Fourth Doctor PoM variant
Fourth Doctor with Tardis
Fourth Doctor 11 Doctor set variant

Fifth Doctor Time Crash variant
Fifth Doctor with hat PoF variant
Fifth Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

Sixth Doctor
Sixth Doctor Real Time Blue variant
Sixth Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

Seventh Doctor with Dalek
Seventh Doctor with Tardis
Seventh Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

Eighth Doctor 11 Doctors set

Ninth Doctor SDCC green jumper
Ninth Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

Tenth Doctor brown trenchcoat
Tenth Doctor Time Crash variant
Tenth Doctor 11 Doctors set variant

Eleventh Doctor Crash set
Eleventh Doctor 11 Doctors set

That's a lot of Doctors. Plus I've got the Ninth/Tenth FC Tardis, the Eleventh FC Tardis (which is just a bloody repaint so I don't know why they were to cheap to include the interior lights...) so that's five versions of the Tardis and the Ninth/Tenth playset.

And then there's my Dalek collection and my classic Cybermen collection and the various monsters from the two classic waves and my various new series figures and... a rough tally means... I've got far too many toys.

The, is it possible we're all just obsessed with recapturing our childhoods? Or are we just geeks?
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