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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

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I'd like to put my Eighth back in the set (he's the only one I took out) and have a different one on the display shelf.
The sign of a true collector!

Let's see, what have I bought so far...

  • 1st Doctor (Color w/original Dalek)
  • 1st Doctor (Unearthly Child variant)

  • 2nd Doctor (Color w/TOMB Cyberman)

  • 3rd Doctor (w/silver Dalek)

  • 4th Doctor (x2)
  • 4th Doctor (w/Classic TARDIS)

  • 5th Doctor (sans celery, x2)
  • 5th Doctor (Time Crash Variant w/celery)
  • Castrovalva Regen Figure in Tom's outfit
  • 5th Doctor (w/hat Planet of Fire variant)

  • 6th Doctor (x2)
  • 6th Doctor (Blue 'Real Time' variant)
  • 6th Doctor (Androzani regeneration variant)

  • 7th Doctor (White coat w/white Dalek)
  • 7th Doctor (Brown coat w/Classic TARDIS)
  • 7th Doctor (Serious/No Hat / from 11 Doc set / bought loose on eBay)

  • 8th Doctor (11 Doctor's Set / bought loose on eBay)

  • 9th Doctor
  • 9th Doctor (Green Jumper variant)

  • 10th Doctor
  • 10th Doctor (TimeCrash variant w/blue suit)

  • 11th Doctor (regeneration outfit)
  • 11th Doctor
  • 11th Doctor (Raggedy Doctor)

  • Gold Dalek
  • Sarah-Jane Smith & K-9 set
  • Captain Jack Harkness (in trenchcoat and gun)
  • Time Lord
  • The K-1 ROBOT
  • Cyberman (Tenth Planet)
  • Cyberman (Invasion of the Cybermen)
  • Cyberman (Earthshock)
  • The Master (Anthony Ainley/Planet of Fire)

  • Tom's Classic TARDIS
  • Syl's Classic TARDIS
  • Tennant's electronic TARDIS
  • 9th/10th TARDIS Console Room playset
  • Police Box Cookie Jar
What do I still want?
The Master (Roger Delgado)
The new Dalek set w/the Special Weapons Dalek
The 'Soldier' Dalek in green camo
The 11 Doctors Set
What do I hope for?
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Some UNIT soldiers
Susan Foreman
Jamie McCrimmon
Jo Grant
Dr. Harry Sullivan
Romana I
Romana II
Eric Robert's 'Master'
4th Doctor in Talons of Weng-Chiang gear
5th Doctor in Black Orchid outfit
3rd Doctor w/Bessie Set
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