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Re: Which actor looks the most like Superman to you?

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I'd be fine with Superman having a more exotic appearance if we didn't have 70+ years of comics showing the contrary.
There are decades of comics showing Wolverine as 5'3" and extremely hirsute, but people seem to accept Hugh Jackman in the role. And did Michael Keaton look even remotely like Bruce Wayne? The guy's only 5'9" and needed plastic muscles to compensate for his lack of real ones.

A TV show or movie is a different reality from the comics, so there's no reason not to change things. Each adaptation has made numerous changes from the comics. They've offered widely varying interpretations of the backstory, the character relationships, the appearance of Krypton, the appearance of the Fortress of Solitude, etc. Lois and Clark was already a highly revisionist show in a lot of ways -- downplaying the superheroics in favor of romantic comedy, redefining Lex Luthor as a handsome, curly-haired romantic interest for Lois, turning Perry White into an Elvis fanatic, having no Fortress of Solitude (except as Clark's childhood treehouse), etc. So why be bothered that they did something else different from what the comics did?
First, Wolverine is nowhere near as popular as Superman, so not many people outside of comic circles knows that he's 'supposed' to be short.
Also, just because Michael Keaton played Batman doesn't mean everybody liked him as Batman/Wayne or thought he was the best choice.
Same with Dean Cain and the fact that Lois & Clark was trying to steer away from the Superman stuff and aim for the romantic aspect. I never watched it and I don't think it was high in the ratings.
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