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Re: ST comic caption contest #6: "Well, actually..."

KIRK: Duhh, we am struck with stupid ray! What we do about it?
McCOY: Doyy, what these long thingies on my hands?
SULU: Uhh, should me worry about big round thing coming closer really fast?

PIKE: What are you talking about, Number One? There's no hideous space monster out there.
NUMBER ONE: Damn, how much did I drink? This is the last time I let you pull that "bartender" line on me.

CREWMAN: Your tea, sir.
PICARD: You were right, Number One. Slaves are far more satisfying than replicators.

SPOCK: Excellent, Captain! It is still mint condition, never removed from box!
McCOY: Blast it, Spock! What good is a toy if you never play with it? You can't measure an object's value by its worth on the collector's market, you soulless hobgoblin!
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