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ST comic caption contest #6: "Well, actually..."

First, last time's winners...

Deranged Nasat wrote:

Crusher: "Arise, creature of the pit! My will is your command!... what the heck?"

Fiend: "YOU SUMMONED ME...?"

Crusher: "I said Hell-derived henchman, not Hair-deprived Frenchman".
SicOne wrote:

WORF: LaForge, NOW would be a very good time to turn off that Romulan warbird transponder you were fiddling with over your lunch break down in Engineering!
Christopher wrote:

KIRK: I... didn't want to believe it. But it's true! The Enterprise is cheating on me with another captain!
SPOCK: There is the small matter of my fee...
ProwlAlpha wrote:

Picard: Wesley, keep up! Now where was I? Oh yeah, now if you keep up that physical routine...Wesley, stop that at once, I told you don't have a hump on your back...anyways, if you keep up on that physical routine I showed you, you could have massive man pecks like me.
You are all...

And now, Star Trek: The Comic Caption Contest continues...

First, the TMP crew talk with their hands

Number One has something to say to Captian Pike

Picard is offered some Earl Grey

The TOS crew take a look at a new arrival
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