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Re: September Challenge: Sigils and Unions--"Immersion"

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^ Yep. I actually kind of somewhat approved of Dukat in that instance - he genuinely seemed to show some concern for Berat. Plus I did so love how they restored Berat's rank retroactively, so the man Berat killed had his own life forfeited anyway for striking a superior officer (which Berat was, as he was an officer and the other guy was a noncom)!
I (kinda) liked Dukat there, too. Though FYI, in my own stories, Berat found Dukat insufferable on the shuttle ride back to Cardassia.

As for this story, I loved the bit about finding out how many Berats could fit into Tayben's dorm room. Kind of like a Cardassian clown car.
LOL, yeah, I admit I had the "how many people can fit into a Volkswagen" image there. I felt sorry for Berat's roommate--but I'm sure after this happening in previous years, he'd heard about what was coming and got the heck out of there! But seriously, while it was a funny moment, I really, REALLY, REALLY wanted a chance to get even a brief look into how Berat related to his family when they were alive (well, we know Karel and Tal did live...and I imagine they were part of the "experiment" too--but still).
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