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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

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I don't have any "agenda."
Your previously vocal negative reaction to the casting of The Last Airbender led me to believe otherwise. You do seem to care very deeply about casting in film and television in regard to ethnicity.
That was a different conversation about a different topic. I'm referring to my posts on this topic. As I said, my problem with TLA was not that the characters' ethnicities had been changed, but that it seemed as though the process was discriminatory in favor of white actors. I'm opposed to job discrimination in any context. But clearly that's not an issue here, so it doesn't come into play in this thread. I'm simply offering an alternative point of view from your own. If you see a political issue here, that's coming from you, not me.

The fact that you took one to two sentences out of my entire reaction to the show and responded with a hefty paragraph only about that tiny note of pause also makes me believe otherwise.
I get that reaction a lot. I'm a curious person and a compulsive researcher. When I start thinking about a topic, I want to get my facts straight so I research it, and since I'm a research junkie, I gather a bunch of information and include it in my comments. Sometimes that seems to people as though I'm piling on them or arguing with a passion. But it's just my own intense curiosity, my compulsion to gather as much information as I can find about the topic that's on my mind at the moment, combined with my academic training to back up my positions with evidence and to show my work. I apologize for giving the wrong impression.

I certainly respect your personal reaction to people's physical characteristics and their impact on perception.

However, I don't think yours is the majority reaction. It's possible I'm wrong.
Does that matter? My intent was simply to illustrate that there was an alternative way of looking at the issue. Discussion doesn't have to be about winning or showing up the other guy. It should be about comparing and considering different points of view.

Maybe because I come from largely Caucasian communities across the board (neighborhoods, schools, work place, etc.) that's how I've come to be. However, given how often race and ethnicity are brought up in media and the like I tend to think that the majority reaction is similar or has at least been crafted in a similar way.
I still don't see how it matters whether it's the "majority" reaction or not. We're just different, that's all. I went to a racially integrated high school and spent a total of 11 non-consecutive years in a university with students from all over the world. I've lived for nearly seven years in an apartment building near that university, and a great many of my neighbors over the years, even the majority of them at times, have been of various nonwhite ethnicities. And that was after maybe nine years in a neighborhood that was largely African-American. That's my experience.

Anyway, the bottom line that I think we need to take away from this discussion, the one overriding message that I feel it necessary to promote, is that Maggie Q is hot. Ultimately that's my agenda: to defend the casting of Maggie Q because she's hot.
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