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Re: Lost Sulu fan film trailer 'STA: A Time to Heal' finally online

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Actually, this isn't the same production group. The hardest thing about this situation is that there are two groups out there who are trying to produce a fan film with the same footage. Both groups claim rights to the footage.

One, led by Da Han, has a pretty poor Super8mm transfer to VHS, and a Yahoo webpage where you have to register to see the footage. They also are promoting a book based on the filming of the episode, but I don't know if it's been written yet.

The other, led by Stan Woo, has the original footage but doesn't have a website or presently a means to provide it to the web. It was about this other collective that the announcement was made a few days ago. Stan has verified that there is presently a new effort to digitize the original footage, and that we all may finally see this fan film as he intended.
Wow, I sure feel better about being confused!
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