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Re: September Challenge: Sigils and Unions--"Immersion"

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Berat didn't like someone being afraid of him, did he? He didn't enjoy this feeling.
You're right, that wasn't comfortable for him at all. He likes people and cares what they think. Not in a servile way, but he definitely responds to the "energy" of people around him. It's kind of like how, in the library, he automatically reacted to help her before he realized who she was. That's his natural first impulse.

And I think the fact that in spite of being Oralian she still chose to serve in the Guard gave him a lot to think about... Maybe those people weren't really traitors, as the official status insisted? Maybe they could still be good Cardassians, who cared about their Union and wanted to serve to the best of their abilities?
Yeah, he definitely had a lot to think about. He's also a person that responds very easily to other people's pain--so some of it was very much emotion instead of logic.

When he jumped to water and laughed - I had to laugh too
I liked writing the diving scene, too. If he'd been human, and had this as part of his culture, he would've been running down the dock yelling, "CANNONBALLLLLLLL!"

I haven't had many chances to show what happens when you flip his "silly switch" in The Thirteenth Order or his other stories, so I just had to while I had the chance.
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